Where's the Southern ad spend? 5/8/18

Here's your chance to find out what YOUR advertisers are thinking.

Borrell Associates invites SNPA members to participate in its 2018 Local Advertiser Survey, which is now underway.


Research Alert: Local direct mail advertising on the rise 12/12/17

In the rush to focus on digital, you may have missed the fact that consumer usage of direct mail advertising has been on the rise. In fact, direct mail recently surpassed daily newspapers as the leading way consumers get coupons.

To learn more, Borrell Associates surveyed 1,640 local businesses that advertise via the U.S. Mail. The findings are now available from Borrell Associates.


Borrell: Too many local newspapers remain stuck in their newsroom 'church' 6/6/17

Content is king. But newspapers especially should heed the lament of Shakespeare's King Henry IV: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."

Those words echo through Borrell's recently published update to its "Benchmarking Local Media Digital Revenue." The most telling revenue numbers in the report are how Facebook, whose news content is much less trusted by Internet users, according to a BuzzFeed-commissioned survey, far outperforms newspapers as well as broadcasters, cablers and other local media operations.

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Research Alert: Final analysis on 2016 political advertising 1/3/17

CEO Gordon Borrell says: "Political advertising has gone from an every-other-year bonanza to a never-ending stream of media buying. Understanding what's changed and where it's headed would seem important to anyone involved in advertising."


Research Alert: Real estate advertisers trimming digital 10/25/16

Shrinking at a rate of 6.3 percent this year, real estate advertisers are "adjusting the dials" for a more appropriate mix of media. And for the second year in a row, the amount that agents, brokers and developers are spending on digital media is declining. Download a free executive summary of this new report from Borrell Associates.


Local advertisers are agitated (and doing something about it) 9/6/16

Borrell Associates has been busy this summer vastly expanding its annual survey of local advertisers. That research is now complete, and the analysis is available for download.


What's a good source for local market data about advertisers? 4/14/16

By Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

Here are some local market samples that SNPA publishers might find interesting: click here

Very simply, it shows the Top 20 "local" advertising categories for the U.S. in 2015, and our forecast for how they will alter their spending by 2018. It also offers two local-market examples for Montgomery, Ala., and LaGrange, Ga., and additionally shows our forecast for the Top 20 newspaper advertisers in one of those markets.

To inquire with Borrell Associates about pricing for statistics in your market, contact Gordon Borrell at gborrell@borrellassociates.com.


How can newspapers earn political ad dollars? 3/31/14

By Abby Sineni, research manager, Borrell Associates

Political advertising is brought to the forefront during the even numbered years when presidential and congressional elections are being fought and ad dollars show significant spending. However, each year political campaigns and Pacs spend advertising dollars to get their candidates' name and message out. In each election cycle, total advertising and online advertising has seen an increase and will continue to do so.