With Rover, David Arkin takes a mobile-first, enjoyable approach to local news 5/22/18

By Tom Grubisich (reprinted from Street Fight)

To create a totally new experience in hyperlocal news, American Hometown Publishing CEO Brad Dennison came together with David Arkin for the third time in their intersecting careers to launch an experiment at the cutting edge of tumultuous change in the local newspaper business.

In this Q&A, AHP Chief Strategy Officer Arkin details how the company's brand-new publication Rover – launched recently in suburban Nashville – aims to present news to its readers as an "enjoyable experience."


Want a sustainable news product? Learn from sports and treat every day with a breaking news attitude 3/26/18

By David Arkin, chief strategy officer, American Hometown Publishing

I can count numerous times in my career when I left a newsroom at the end of the day feeling so great about the future of journalism because of the work my team did covering something big and meaningful. That wasn't always a shooting. It was really about the effort and the journalism and not the topic or the severity of the news.

You need to feel that every day. When I walked into a budget meeting – even when there wasn't breaking news – with a breaking news attitude, the paper was about 1,000 times better that day. It's up to editors, as leaders, to set that tone. I worry that's just not happening enough on a daily basis. You have to create that urgency and excitement. Yes, it's hard out there. But we have to push.


David Arkin named chief strategy officer at American Hometown Publishing Inc. 1/8/18

Fast-growing local media company American Hometown Publishing Inc. has hired content and product specialist David Arkin as its chief strategy officer.

In the role, Arkin will be responsible for new product development positioned for attractive markets, audience growth strategies and he will help identify future acquisitions. AHP owns newspaper properties in five states (Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia) and has completed two acquisitions and a merger in the past 100 days.


Taking the measure of benchmarking 8/15/17

Featured session: Tuesday, Sept. 12

SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colo.

With Dolph Tillotson, president, Southern Newspapers, Inc., Galveston, Texas; PJ Browning, president, Newspaper Division, Evening Post Publishing, Charleston, S.C.; and Doug Phares, president & COO, Sandusky Newspaper Group, Sandusky, Ohio

This Tuesday morning session during next month's SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting will feature a discussion of the ways publishers use numerical benchmarking to track progress, or the lack of it.

What's the proper ratio of salaries to revenue? How do publishers track the impact of programmatic changes on rates and revenue? What is the proper ratio of ads to news content, and how have recent business shifts changed the picture?

These three panelists, who are very knowledgeable of practices in benchmarking, will discuss the tools of this trade, and much more.

For his part, Dolph Tillotson of Southern Newspapers, says he intends to share thoughts on financial benchmarking that he learned from several masters of the art – Jim Boone and Carmage Walls. He said, "I'll discuss the benchmarking we use in Southern Newspapers, Inc., for our print products, how we use them, and several notes from friends who also do regular benchmarking and take a slightly different slant."


LMA hires David Arkin as chief content officer 6/20/17

David Arkin is an industry leader in audience development and local media content strategies. For the past year he served as chief content officer for Community Impact Newspaper, where he oversaw content operations and strategy, for both print and digital, for the company's 22 hyper-local newspapers with a distribution of 1.7 million.


Can you share some benchmarking metrics? 5/29/14

Answered by Bob Terzotis, Mather Economics

An SNPA member asked: What is the circulation operating cost by percentage for newspapers size 20,000-25,000 in the mid-southern region? Is it 15% or higher? Or is it lower?