What a California newspaper is learning as it experiments with podcasting 2/19/18

By Jennifer Nelson, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

A California newspaper is learning as it experiments with podcasting using its existing staff. The Q&A dives into questions like: “What goes into creating a podcast episode?” “What’s the most effective way to promote the podcast?” “What has been the biggest challenge when it came to launching the podcast or continuing to produce the segments?”


Agency best practices 2/7/18

Digital agency services have become an important and growing revenue stream for many media companies, but is there one right way to run this complex business?

During a Tuesday afternoon breakout session at the Mega-Conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, hear from three media companies, all with different business models, who have successful, thriving agencies.


Gamut introduces Real Delivery, a human-delivery commitment for programmatic digital advertising 10/3/17

Gamut, a solutions-based digital advertising organization from Cox Media Group, has announced the introduction of Real Delivery, a pledge that brands and agencies will not be charged for invalid display impressions, as determined by long-time digital measurement provider, Moat.


SNPA Board of Directors approves two new members 7/18/17

Digital Genie and ITI Digital are the newest members of SNPA.


Two digital firms apply for membership in SNPA 7/11/17

Digital Genie and ITI Digital have applied for membership in SNPA.


ITI Digital can help you increase your revenue and engage with your target audiences 7/11/17

By Cindy Durham, SNPA

Events are the lifeblood of the community. They drive business to the community, but few newspapers have the resources to devote to searching out local events and pulling together a comprehensive community calendar of events.

ITI Digital has an automated process that would remove the time barriers ... and generate revenue for you at the same time.


Quick survey: What do you want to know about digital journalism, and how do you want to learn it? 6/20/17

By Linda Austin, project director of the Associated Press Media Editors' News Train and an RJI Fellow

If you want to get better at social media, data journalism, mobile video or other digital skills, please take this brief survey -- by June 27. You might even win $50.


Flypaper passes 500 active customers 6/5/17

Local digital marketing agency, Flypaper, announced in April that it has surpassed 500 active customers throughout its seven locations in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma.


What's a good solution to increase digital video revenue and user engagement? 3/21/17

By Steve Smith, CEO, HMR Sales LLC

Every publisher I talk with has the same goals: to increase revenue and user engagement. Here's a one-stop solution that I have found.


Game on: Six digital strategies newspapers should apply this year 2/21/17

For newspaper publishers across the country, striking gold in the digital realm in 2017 means so much more than just a slick new website or improved page views. Today's online readers want engagement, personalization and specialized content that can't be found anywhere else. While the task of developing new and effective digital plans of action may seem like a daunting task, Editor & Publisher has compiled six digital strategies for newspapers to consider employing this year.

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