Serving their communities before, during and after Hurricane Irma 9/19/17

Compiled by Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

A large percentage of SNPA's members were affected by historic Hurricane Irma. They managed to report the news amid power outages, flooding and dangerously high winds that struck most of Florida and parts of South Carolina and Georgia.

This was a storm that made landfall on the west coast of Florida but blasted the east coast. The eye moved through the center of the state. Initially, delivering a newspaper was difficult if not impossible, but websites could be updated constantly.

What follows are some of the newspapers' own stories.


Sun Coast Media Group offers disaster relief program for community 9/19/17

Sun Coast Media Group, the parent company of Sun Newspapers, has announced a million dollar disaster relief program for local businesses. For any business closed due to storm damage beyond Monday, Sept. 18, Sun Coast Media Group is offering a "Get Back on Your Feet Program."


Preparedness and collaboration kept CMG communities informed during hurricanes 9/19/17

When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma carved their destructive paths across Texas and Florida within a week of each other, Cox Media Group's keen focus on preparedness and collaboration across markets and media platforms ensured that its audiences continued to count on CMG for the critical news and information they needed during the disasters. CMG had round-the-clock, emergency coverage in eight Texas and Florida markets – providing a vital link to communities during the critical window before, during and after these hurricanes.

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