Open the Room project helps journalists and citizens broadcast on Facebook Live 7/18/17

This emerging technology will allow newspapers to cover more local meetings and events – even local sports – with better than acceptable video and audio quality at a much lower cost.


Facebook won't let people change the headlines in links 7/10/17

Facebook is so big that even well-intentioned changes have collateral damage. Take last week's move to not allow people to customize the links, headlines and descriptions of links they post. Facebook said it was to fight the spread of fake news. But for those in audience development, the move was jarring.

The move limits what had been a key area of focus for publishers that looked to target specific audience segments on its platform. Prior to these changes, an audience development manager could publish a story that might appeal to many different groups multiple times, using different headlines in an attempt to maximize engagement and reach among each group.

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NMA seeks legislation to address impact of digital duopoly 7/10/17

The News Media Alliance has called on Congress to allow publishers to negotiate collectively with dominant online platforms. The objective is to permit publishers to have concrete discussions with the two dominant distributors of online news content, Google and Facebook, on business model solutions to secure the long-term availability of local journalism produced by America's newsrooms.


Facebook is offering publishers money to create produced video 4/24/17

Facebook wants to pay publishers to create more produced video as part of a plan to push the company's new ad products, according to multiple sources.

The new deals are intended to replace the agreements Facebook currently has with publishers to produce live video, which were signed a year ago. The new accords are designed to encourage publishers to create produced video, or VOD, but it also maintains provisions to still pay for live video, the sources say.

Facebook is offering publishers a monthly sum in exchange for a minimum amount of produced video every month. The videos can be a combination of VOD and live, but live content can't account for more than half of the monthly tally.

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Facebook purges thousands of fake accounts that targeted publishers 4/18/17

Wondering why your Facebook page may have seen a significant drop in "LIKES"?

Facebook announced Friday that it had begun to purge "a substantial number" of accounts that it says were fake or spam. The fake accounts, created largely in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and a handful of other countries, attempted to accumulate likes as part of a sophisticated campaign. They did so by "liking" publishers' pages in order to target their followers with spam.

Facebook issued a statement on Friday warning that as it began to clear out the fake accounts, publishers could expect to see a drop in the likes on their pages. The statement said that most affected pages with more than 10,000 likes would lose a maximum of 3 percent of their likes. Some major news accounts began to see dips in their numbers take effect around Friday lunchtime, with at least one major news account losing tens of thousands of likes.

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Gannett applies test-focused approach to boost social traffic 4/10/17

In 2015, Gannett started using a free tool from ShareThis to optimize Facebook posts by testing more than one headline or image at a time.

Since then the tool has significantly supported two goals: improving Gannett's engagement on Facebook and driving audiences to USA Today sites such as sports property FTW.

"This allows us to bring some science to the art of producing content for Facebook," said Jamie Mottram, head of social at Gannett.

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5 tips for improving your Facebook post reach 11/22/16

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street

Find out how a few simple changes could increase your presence in your followers' Facebook Newsfeeds.


Increase newsletter engagement with A/B testing 10/18/16

By John Crouch, social media coordinator, GateHouse Media's Center for News & Design

For newsrooms, A/B testing can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into audiences to see how best to engage with readers.

Earlier this year, StarNews participated in A/B testing with the newsroom's Facebook account, testing which types of content struck more of a chord with followers. The staff was able to establish some important best posting practices. Read about them here!


How to make money with digital 9/26/16

By Mary Ann DeSantis, Special to the SNPA eBulletin

Refocusing on the basics was an important part of the Observer Media Group's plan for increasing digital revenue, Publisher Emily Walsh said during her how-to session at the 2016 News Industry Summit.

Those basics have included three markets:

Digital Display – banner-rich ads on website

Email Marketing – with eNewsletters and dedicated eBlasts

Social Media – primarily sponsored Facebook posts


Want to focus on shares? Find out how readers help spread your content 8/2/16

By Penny Riordan, director of digital content partnerships, GateHouse Media

When a user shares your content, that post can reach more people and also new users who aren't already following you on social media. And as posts shared by friends and family are still favored in Facebook's algorithm, focusing on that metric can help make sure your posts will be seen.