Upgrades that save money 6/26/18

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Cost cutting at media companies doesn't have to involve the news product. Several participants in an SNPA video conference in April presented ideas that saved money on everyday business operations.

Keeping the lights on costs a lot less than it used to cost at The Jonesboro Sun in Arkansas. Publisher David Mosesso said the switch from fluorescent light bulbs to LED lights has cut the utility bill by 28 percent, or $1,000 month, and the lighting part of the bill by 68 percent. "It's strictly math," he said.

Mosesso credits his production manager, Roger Brumley, with taking the initiative and being skillful enough to do much of the work in-house.


One backlash spawns another for Oklahoma paper that backed Clinton 1/10/17

When a conservative newspaper in a conservative town in northwestern Oklahoma endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in October, the backlash was swift, sizable and local: 162 canceled subscriptions from Republicans and independents.

The backlash to the backlash has been just as swift and sizable but far from local: slightly more than 200 new subscriptions and donations, a majority of which appear to come from out-of-state Democrats.

The subscription battle that has broken out in Enid, Okla., a city of 52,000 whose biggest claim to fame is having one of the largest grain storage capacities in the world, caught The Enid News & Eagle by surprise. The daily newspaper, which has a circulation of 10,000 and has a history of endorsing Republicans, lost nearly 2 percent of its subscribers and 11 advertisers after its editorial board backed Mrs. Clinton and called Donald J. Trump "unfit to be president" in an editorial on Oct. 9.

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