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Innovation Award entries 1/18/19

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Mega-Conference Roundtables:
The best ideas on the hottest topics

You'll want to stay until Wednesday morning at this year's Mega-Conference. We have the hottest topics set for our Roundtable sessions so bring your burning questions and come ready to learn the best ideas in the industry.


Jobs at SNPA newspapers 1/15/19

Read about the latest job openings posted on the SNPA website. And, send us your listings to post at no cost.


Sid Crim, former president of State-Record Company, dies at 76 1/15/19

Sid Crim, a former top executive at The State (Columbia, S.C.) who helped oversee major changes in the newspaper's pre-Internet history, died recently after an 18-year struggle with Parkinson's …


Year in review: Transaction volume increases for fourth straight year 1/15/19

The number of deals involving daily newspapers continued its upward trajectory in 2018, with 36 separate transactions closed by year end.

It was the largest number of daily newspaper deals since 2000, and the fourth straight year of higher transaction volume.

The two key drivers of this activity were largely unchanged from the prior year: owners of clusters of publications seeking to build larger regional footprints, and the difficulties faced by small operators lacking the scale needed to manage expenses.

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We hear you, and we're making changes to your Dallas Morning News 1/15/19

By Grant Moise, publisher (reprinted from The Dallas Morning News)

In my 10 months as publisher of The Dallas Morning News, my team and I have spent many hours listening to readers to make sure we understand what our community wants from us.

Along with Editor Mike Wilson and other senior leaders, I met with heads of universities, health care leaders, CEOs of our region's top companies, religious leaders, arts leaders, some of our greatest philanthropic stewards, and most important, our subscribers.

We asked three questions: What do you want us to cover? What do you value most about our coverage? Where can we improve? Once we asked, the hour passed quickly as the feedback was vast and helpful.

We also convened focus groups, surveyed 1,862 print and digital readers and pored over tens of thousands of data points that show us what you read digitally.

All of this work was aimed at helping us understand how to best serve you. Everyone knows local journalism is a tough business; just the other day, we reported that we laid off 43 people across The Dallas Morning News to reduce our costs and make room to invest for the future. It's vitally important that we give you the newspaper you want if we are going to win this fight.

We were encouraged by your answers. We believe our fundamental mission is to provide news about our communities and our state, and you said you agree. You want breaking news. You want to know what local and state governments are up to. You want to know if kids are getting educated and roads are getting fixed. You want investigative stories.

You also want to know where to dine out and which concerts you shouldn't miss. You want to read about Dirk and Dak and the sports star coming out of your local school.

Yes, you want a smart roundup of world and national news in your A section, and no, you don't want us messing with your comics and puzzles.

You also told us what you need less of – lifestyle tips you can get on YouTube, stock price information you can get on your smartphones, and so on.

My biggest takeaway from all of this listening is that you root for our success and understand how a healthy newspaper strengthens the community. I also learned that while you value the role we play as watchdogs, you want us to shine a light on the people and organizations that are making this state and region great places to live.

So, what are we going to do with what you told us?


Announced today by Facebook: Doing more to support local news 1/15/19

Over the next three years, we will invest $300 million in news programs, partnerships and content.

We are also expanding our Accelerator pilot, which launched in the United States in 2018 to help local newsrooms with subscription and membership models. This year, we'll commit over $20 million to continue the local Accelerator in the United States and to expand the model globally, including in Europe.

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