PowerPoints from the Mega-Conference 2/21/18

PowerPoints from most conference sessions will be posted here following presentations. These PowerPoints (in PDF format) are intended for use by conference participants. They may not be reproduced or further distributed without the permission of the speakers and SNPA.


Mega-Conference app 2/21/18

We have received a lot of inquiries about an email attendees received from a company named Cumulus. This is the company we are working with to create a conference app.


Jobs at SNPA newspapers 2/20/18

Read about the latest job openings posted on the SNPA website. And, send us your listings to post at no cost.


RJI links 2/20/18

News and commentary of interest to journalism innovators and entrepreneurs. Read the latest from the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.


Ad campaign emphasizes difference made by The Post and Courier 2/20/18

A new branding campaign launched by The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., emphasizes Real News. A Real Difference.

Chris Zoeller, director of strategic marketing, says: "We want our audience to know how we make a difference in small and big ways through our commitment to journalism and delivering the news our community needs."

She added, "We want anyone who is touched by this campaign to sense the pride our staff has in their job and the role the newspapers play in the community to keep them informed."

Click on link below to view the print campaign, videos and learn how you can share your marketing materials for this SNPA collection.


Personalization and UX Strategies 2/20/18

"Looming regulation and fast-changing public expectations are complicating the battle to deepen and extend direct services to readers and other users," says Bill Densmore, executive director of the Information Trust Exchange Governing Association. "Acquiring first-party data is essential to take advantage of breakthroughs in personalization and user experience."

At next week's Key Executives Mega-Conference, learn how to drive revenue from online readers without sustaining a decline in programmatic revenue from reduced page views and MUVs.


What a California newspaper is learning as it experiments with podcasting 2/19/18

By Jennifer Nelson, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

A California newspaper is learning as it experiments with podcasting using its existing staff. The Q&A dives into questions like: “What goes into creating a podcast episode?” “What’s the most effective way to promote the podcast?” “What has been the biggest challenge when it came to launching the podcast or continuing to produce the segments?”


SNPA has revenue ideas for you 2/19/18

SNPA is hosting a video conference on "Growing Revenue" from 2-3 p.m. (EDT) on March 15. It takes just one hour of your time – no fees, no travel – on a topic every publisher needs, with guaranteed ROI! We hope you won't find any reason to sit this one out.


Bernhardt joins Southern Lithoplate as regional sales manager 2/19/18

Southern Lithoplate, Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital printing plates and associated CTP solutions, has announced Jeffrey Bernhardt, has joined the SLP team as regional sales manager.


Print is alive and well in Galveston and at Southern Newspapers 2/16/18

The Galveston County Daily News and Southern Newspapers, Inc., are unabashed print-centric companies. On the closing day of the Mega-Conference, hear how Coast Monthly and their faith in print has transformed them.

Leonard Woolsey, publisher of The Galveston County Daily News, says: "We are not a large newspaper by any sense – a sub 20K circulation newspaper with a hometown base of less than 50,000 year-around residents. But Coast Monthly is a dream we brought to market several years ago and is now approaching a $1 million annual revenue run rate."