2019 Mega-Conference

Ryan Dohrn to lead workshop on ad sales and managing sales people

Second bonus session being planned for audience and circulation executives
It is imperative that newspapers adjust and address the sales cultural issues that are stopping their sales teams from being a "raging success," says Ryan Dohrn, founder of media sales strategy firm Brain Swell Media and the creator of the 360 Ad Sales System taught to over 10,000 ad sales reps in seven countries.

He says, "If we continue to sell traditional media in traditional ways, we will get traditional results. I am amazed at the culture and sales 'systems' I see in place at newspapers – large and small – across the nation. It is as if we are ignoring the world around us and have accepted that the end is near."

Dohrn will lead a three-and-a-half-hour BONUS WORKSHOP for Mega-Conference attendees on Monday morning, Feb. 25, focused on newspaper sales and managing salespeople. Your sales managers need to be there!

A separate workshop focusing on audience and subscriber management will run concurrently. Topics and presenters for that workshop – designed for circulation, audience and key management executives – will be announced soon.

Plan your travel to arrive on Sunday, so you can benefit from these added conference sessions. More