A comprehensive portrait of the modern news consumer 1/5/19

As the news environment and technology has changed rapidly, so have the behavior, attitudes and expectations of the American news consumer. Any news publisher aiming to sell subscriptions or grow an audience must understand some fundamental new realities about the ways people now consume and purchase news.

Research by the American Press Institute, as part of the Media Insight Project, has steadily uncovered new insights about news consumers, such as whether people seek out news or bump into it accidentally, reasons people pay for news, which devices and news sources people use for different situations, how people really think about "trust" in news, and the ways young adults are different or similar to previous generations.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Mega-Conference, API Deputy Executive Director Jeff Sonderman will highlight the most important of these ways that news consumers are changing and explain the new strategies and opportunities this presents for news publishers.

Sonderman says: "The key objectives many publishers are facing these days, such as growing and retaining subscribers and reaching bigger audiences, depend on understanding modern news consumers. The American Press Institute has worked with publishers to explore some of the most pressing questions – like how trust really works, how young people get news, and who will pay for news and why. We'll share some of the insights you can apply in your business today."


Changing the newsroom culture to maximize reader revenue 12/18/18

Growing reader revenue takes more than just building a paywall or launching a membership program. Turning readers into subscribers requires understanding audience needs, improving our websites and changing how we talk to and with our communities. It also requires structural, technological and cultural changes in our newsrooms.

What does this "change" look like in the daily operations? It often means much closer cooperation with the other parts of the organization - marketing, audience, advertising, tech - and thinking outside the constraints of how we used to run the business.

During a Tuesday afternoon breakout session at the Mega-Conference, set for Feb. 25-27 in Las Vegas, Damon Kiesow, Knight Chair in Digital Editing and Production at the Missouri School of Journalism, will lead a panel discussion on "Changing the Newsroom Culture to Maximize Reader Revenue."


7 Sneaky ways your sales technology is costing you 12/17/18

Outdated sales technology affects a media organization's bottom line, but there are valuable solutions to this pressing problem. During the Monday morning bonus session on advertising at the Mega-Conference, Shawn DeWeese, senior sales executive with Lineup Systems, will talk about seven sneaky ways your sales technology is costing you (and how to stop the bleed).

He will share case studies that look at the real cost of siloed sales data, "quick-win" tech tips that increase ROI and time-saving tools to help teams sell effectively.

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Ryan Dohrn to lead workshop on ad sales and managing sales people 12/11/18

It is imperative that newspapers adjust and address the sales cultural issues that are stopping their sales teams from being a "raging success," says Ryan Dohrn, founder of media sales strategy firm Brain Swell Media and the creator of the 360 Ad Sales System taught to over 10,000 ad sales reps in seven countries.

He says, "If we continue to sell traditional media in traditional ways, we will get traditional results. I am amazed at the culture and sales 'systems' I see in place at newspapers – large and small – across the nation. It is as if we are ignoring the world around us and have accepted that the end is near."

Dohrn will lead a three-and-a-half-hour BONUS WORKSHOP for Mega-Conference attendees on Monday morning, Feb. 25, focused on newspaper sales and managing salespeople. Your sales managers need to be there!

A separate workshop focusing on audience and subscriber management will run concurrently.

Plan your travel to arrive on Sunday, so you can benefit from these added conference sessions. MORE

More free P2P video conferences coming in 2019 11/20/18

SNPA's monthly P2P video conference calls for publishers and department heads provided members with more than a $1,000,000 in revenue and cost-cutting ideas in 2018 ... and more programs are coming in 2019!


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