Live video: Have fun, it's a community now 3/26/18

In segment one of Innovation in Focus, the Donald W. Reynolds Futures Lab spoke with Terez Paylor, Chiefs beat writer at The Kansas City Star, who goes live with readers every week. During March, Innovation in Focus explored live video by testing various tools and methods in the field. In this segment the Futures Lab used multiple iPhones to broadcast live from the Columbia Missouri Farmers Market.


Independent contractor status in North Carolina 3/19/18

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Law Firm

Recently, a former newspaper carrier filed a wage claim with the North Carolina Department of Labor, claiming employee status at a daily newspaper in the state. The newspaper carrier filed with the state Department of Labor, rather than federal DOL, because the federal wage and hour law contains a complete exemption for newspaper carriers; the North Carolina wage and hour law does not.

Of course, the newspaper stated that the individual was an independent contractor, not an employee. As part of its investigation, the North Carolina Department of Labor asked the company to provide specific information, in order to determine whether there was an employer/employee relationship.


SNPA joins coalition to stop baseless newsprint tariffs 3/19/18

SNPA is a member of a coalition announced Monday that is fighting proposed countervailing duties (CVD) and anti-dumping duties (AD) on imports of Canadian uncoated groundwood papers including newsprint and other papers.

The coalition – Stop Tariffs on Printers & Publishers (STOPP) – is comprised of members of the printing, publishing and paper-producing industries, which employ more than 600,000 workers.

These preliminary duties, which were assessed by the Department of Commerce in January and March, respectively, are the result of a petition filed by one company, North Pacific Paper Company (NORPAC), an outlier in the paper industry that is looking to use the U.S. government for its own financial gain. The STOPP coalition is concerned that these CVD and AD duties, which range up to 32 percent combined, will saddle U.S. printing and publishing businesses with increased costs and threaten thousands of American jobs.

"To think that one company could file a petition that would so adversely affect the entire newspaper industry is unconscionable," said SNPA Chairman Chris Reen, who is president and publisher of The Oklahoman Media Company. "The consequences of this will be devastating to an industry already under enormous financial pressure. The U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission should heed the warnings from local publishers. There is no way to absorb these costs along the supply chain – they will lead to even more job losses and in some cases, outright news deserts."

SNPA President Patrick Dorsey said: "We are already working hard to absorb the price increases related to a tight newsprint supply environment. Implementing these unreasonable duties of up to 32 percent is inexcusable and will lead to a loss of many more jobs than they claim to save."


Lawton Constitution to be sold to Southern Newspapers 3/13/18

Bill Burgess, Jr. and Brad Burgess have announced that they have entered into an agreement to sell the Lawton (Okla.) Constitution to Southern Newspapers, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Five case studies of optimization and engagement 3/13/18

By Michael Taylor, sales director, CCI

How can news organizations effectively capture the attention of today's digital consumers? Read success stories from media companies around the globe.


Email as a revenue stream 3/12/18

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Chances are, many SNPA newspapers already know about Site Impact, the email marketing company that goes through 145 million addresses to find just the consumers who may be interested in a client's ad.

While CEO Brandon Rosen keeps the papers' names confidential so as not to give away competitive strategies, he says there are a lot of them. "The reason to work with us for the newspapers is, we're the source. We're a wholesale email marketing company. There are a lot of brokers out there. We don't broker anything."

Rosen will say that six of the 10 largest newspaper companies in the country are clients of Site Impact and two more are in negotiations. Smaller groups of papers use it as well, as do other media companies, advertising agencies, list brokers, radio and TV stations.

Site Impact,, which has recently applied to membership in SNPA, prides itself on speed and the reliability of its database. If one newspaper has its own database of 10,000 emails, Site Impact probably has 20,000 in the same area, Rosen said.


NLRB vacates Hy-Brand joint employment liability standard 3/12/18

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Law Firm

On Feb. 26, the NLRB vacated its recent ruling in the Hy-Brand Industrial Contractors case, which overruled the National Labor Relations Board's controversial Browning-Ferris decision.


HD Media to buy Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/9/18

HD Media, publisher of the Huntington (W.Va.) Herald-Dispatch, has been approved as the successful bidder to acquire the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette-Mail.


Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2018 3/7/18

In an effort to ensure fairness and preserve critical access to trusted, high-quality news, Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, introduced the "Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2018."


Ogden to acquire Byrd newspapers in Virginia 3/7/18

The Byrd family, owners of daily newspapers in Winchester and Harrisonburg, Va., has reached an agreement to sell its publications to Ogden Newspapers, a family-owned newspaper group with 43 daily newspapers published in 16 states.