Gannett Imaging and Ad Design Center rebrands to designIQ 3/13/19


Gannett Imaging and Ad Design Center has unveiled a new look, rebranding to designIQ.


It's Sunshine Week: How does your paper keep the sun shining all year long? 3/12/19

Join in the annual nationwide celebration of access to public information and what it means for you and your community. Find all the free resources you need to get started right here:

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Nancy Lane is awarded Borrell Award of Merit 3/11/19

Nancy Lane, president of the Local Media Association, has been selected as the recipient of Borrell Associates' 2019 Award of Merit for outstanding leadership and innovation in local media. The award was presented Monday in front of more than 300 media executives at Borrell's 10th annual Local Online Advertising Conference at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan.


Measure of your local economy: A key sales indicator 3/11/19

By Ted Stasney and Robin DiSalvo - Research Director On Demand

Surveys that measure consumers' confidence in the economy are a vital benchmark of economic development.

By asking a few key questions in a survey about your local economy and consumers' future spending, your survey can be an important resource for your branding and marketing initiatives.


Philadelphia publisher: Failure is not an option; tell your story! 3/5/19

By Cindy Durham, SNPA

Newspapers are all about storytelling and, yet, "with the crisis that we face as an industry, we don't do a great job of telling our very, very compelling story," Terry Egger, publisher and CEO of Philadelphia Media Network, told attendees at the Mega-Conference last week.

In his keynote address to 700 industry executives in Las Vegas, Egger called on newspapers across the country to establish conversations with local community and business leaders about the important role that newspapers play.

As an industry, he said we have suffered a lot of self-inflicted wounds. "We wish we had do-overs," he said, "but we don't. What we do have, though, is a compelling story that needs to be told."


Engineering sales 3/5/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

A new advertising support position at the Northwest Florida Daily News is paying off, according to Ethan Aden, digital sales manager for the paper based in Fort Walton Beach.

The job title is sales engineer, and the goal is to put together multimedia proposals for the sales reps to present to clients – complete proposals backed by research into markets, demographics and other factors.


Stratica software meets changing conditions 3/5/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

The first two pieces of Brainworks Software's new Stratica platform drew a lot of attention during the trade show at the Key Executives Mega-Conference in Las Vegas.

"We were constantly busy," said Rick Sanders, president and CEO of Brainworks. "It was terrific."

Brainworks rolled out its new Stratica Advertising and CRM products at the conference and offered demonstrations. Stratica is web- and browser-based and combines print and digital transactions. It will improve a media company's ability to make revenue forecasts and track whether projections are being met, among many other functions.


GateHouse Live puts on the show 2/26/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

GateHouse Live was the recipient of the Mega-Innovation Award presented Tuesday afternoon at the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

Putting on events has much in common with publishing, according to Jason Taylor, president of GateHouse Live and New Media Group Ventures.

Publishers, he said, create content that attracts an audience, and they try to monetize that audience. "An event does the exact same thing."


Statesman Media: Music to the bottom line 2/26/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Statesman Media (Studio Sessions) was a finalist for the Mega-Innovation Award presented Tuesday afternoon at the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

Top honors went to GateHouse LIVE. The Buffalo News also was a finalist.

Austin, Texas, calls itself the "Live Music Capital of the World," and Statesman Media capitalizes on music to make money with Austin360 Studio Sessions.

Studio Sessions is a live-stream half-hour music show produced in the Statesman Media studio used by both the American-Statesman newsroom and the company's advertising and production agency. It mainly showcases local music but also features up-and-coming regional bands, bands passing through town and the occasional national act.


The Buffalo News: A new kind of paywall 2/26/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

The Buffalo News was a finalist for the Mega-Innovation Award presented Tuesday afternoon at the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

Top honors went to GateHouse LIVE. Statesman Media also was a finalist.

On his first day in the newsroom of The Buffalo News, David Adkins asked about the paywall that was then operated by a third-party paywall technology company. Someone who was trying to be helpful told him, "Don't worry, you can get around it."

Having just come from a Florida paper that also operated with a problematic paywall, Adkins looked into the matter further. The result was the development of a proprietary paywall that largely closed the "leakiness" and brought dramatic increases in digital subscription revenue.